Has anyone managed to make it work? i have an eap 225-outdoor v1, i would like to test


I can't access ssh or telnet. how do i compile? could you guide me? just really layman. but if you give me some tips I'll learn fast. I saw that I have the codes at the bottom of the page, I couldn't clone with git and I couldn't download it. I would love to understand better if anyone is willing to help me. thanks!!

how do i build and install via web interface? is it possible?

I get this output when I try to ssh.

I would like to make connection points inside, I have a small tower to transmit a signal. I would like to spread the eap at some points to be able to repeat the signal from the tower and provide access to anyone interested.
But with tp-link firmware it is not possible.

That is not openwrt related, read the error message (it's actually a warning...).

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how to build an image for eap225-outdoor?

I understood

No need

Also OP was running the ssh client as root. That is a risk. The proper way to be root on the router (not the PC) is ssh root@ or ssh -l root

Indeed, but the error message would have been the same, no matter what user was used, as long there is another key stored in .ssh/ matching the host name.

this, now I managed to ssh using admin and not root.

how do i flash this image now? I already tried to blink via the web interface and got an error of the amount of characters, I changed the file name and got BAD FILE.

follow the flashing instruction on git.

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what is cliclientd stopcs?