EAP225 Outdoor v1 cant access serial connection

So.. I'm going to start off with saying that I'm an idiot.. i know this..
I have EAP225 Outdoor v1 but I mistakenly thought it was a v3 (mistaking it with my EAP225 v3) and so I flashed the snapshot for the v3. The AP appears to boot as it goes through a sequence of flashing after I power it on however I am not having any luck connecting via serial after soldering to RXD, TXD and TPGND4 (or one of the grounding bolts as I saw in a video, neither worked) I am using the settings as described in the git page. any suggestions would be helpful. happy to post pics if you think it would be helpful.

I take it all back apparently I had my leads backwards and it wasnt communicating. told you I was an idiot!!

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