EA8500: How to pass from DDWRT to LEDE?

Hi i have a Linksys EA8500 with ddwrt, and like to install Lede.

I cant find any tutorial to make this, some one can tellme how i can install.

Thanks in advance.

The recommended (and only 'safe') procedure to find out (from the dd-wrt side) how to revert to the manufacturer's OEM firmware - and to install LEDE from there.

Depending on the device, shortcuts may exist, but those are highly device specific and depend on how exactly dd-wrt is using the device (e.g. they replace the bootloader for several devices or employ a modified flash partitioning, which is a problem when trying to load a different firmware).

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go to SSH and make to boot the linksys partition, boot and install the lede version factory direct by the web guy linkys page

This is a best and security mode for install

I did it twice
take http://mrjcd.com/EA8500_DD-WRT/ this description how to load firmware with the serial connection.

First upload the original Linksys firmware as described above
and than do it again with the Lede firmware

Worked perfect for me.

@gLeW -- a few notes:

  • more recent productions of EA8500 have been reported to not have serial headers.
  • not sure if that'd affect flashing from serial, but more recent original Linksys firmwares are known to lock the firmware upgrade process to only signed Linksys images, at least when flashing from WebUI.

The newer firmware can still be flashed over from serial and yes newer once you might have to solder a header to it

i already put the original firmware and anfter that the LEDE firmware


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