EA8300 will not load OEM Firmware

Following these directions found on https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/ea8300:

Since 5.15 kernel based snapshots (Jan 1st 2023) and 22.03.3, OpenWrt is now able to flash directly a Linksys OEM image. Force the flash as the warning message inform you to do so. You can easily reverse to Linksys OEM if you need to.

I am unable to successfully reinstall the Linksys OEM firmware on my EA8300.

I also transferred the OEM firmware to the /tmp directory using SCP and running sysupgrade -F -n -v <image-name> and achieved the same result:

Router boot hangs on the partition that should be the OEM firmware. Instead I have to toggle back to the working OpenWRT partition.

The EA8300 is currently not being used for any purpose and was a plain install of 22.03.5. I think something went wrong with the hardware since it wasn't receiving an IPv4 address at last use. I was hopeful reinstalling the OEM firmware would confirm my hypothesis, or somehow revive the router so I could use it again.

Any advice?

FYI, just in the photos here: https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/ea8300, there are no pins on the PCB so I can't use my serial cable to try installing the firmware using U-boot.

I have experience with a MR8300. I remember installing Linksys OEM from Luci, running 22.03.3.
What are you currently running? Which image did you try to flash?

Hi @badulesia. The router is running 22.03.5 and I was trying to flash FW_EA8300_1.1.6.209797_prod.img. It would try to install the file but on reboot would never run the firmware. I'm going to try the older method described further down on the hardware page (linked above). I remember using that in the past successfully. I'll report back later after I've had a chance to try it.

There should be no issue with what you are trying to do.
Just in case, install the very same OpenWrt on the other partition. Than flash Linksys.

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I installed 22.03.5 to both partitions and tried to load the OEM firmware and it failed to boot again. Then I tried the old method of reloading the OEM firmware which has worked before, but that also failed to boot the OEM partition.

I'm wondering if I need to resize the kernel mtd back down to 300000, since I had enlarged it in preparation for running the next version of OpenWRT?

I was able to solve the problem!

After I loaded the OEM firmware and it didn't boot again, I held the reset button for about 10-15 seconds and it finally rebooted into the OEM firmware. I imagine it would have done the same thing if I had used the reset button after loading the OEM firmware from Luci or after using the sysupgrade command.

Anyway now I can continue my testing!

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I don't remember having to press the reset button. Anyway, well done.
Even after changing the bootloader variable, you should be able to flash/run Linksys OEM. As you can see now.

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