EA8300 performance with 23.05.0, what can I do?

Using Linksys EA8300 with 21.02.x, with flow offload enabled and redistributing interrupts, I was able to get near 1gbps speeds. After upgrading to 23.05, even after every tweak and workaround I found, can't get over 500mbps.

My internet connection is fiber 1000/100, connected through PPPoE.

What I did so far:

  • Redistributed interrupts across cores using a script. (this made the most difference)

  • Enabled flow offload from Luci interface (this done nothing)

  • Added the workaround in GitHub issue #10224 (This seemed to help some as well)

  • Tried to set GRO off as per GitHub issue #9848, but can't, it seems the directions are meant for swconfig, not DSA. Also I don't know if it is even relevant anymore (even though the issue still open).

As I said, at most I could get it to 500mbps, which is half the speed I pay for. Is there anything more I can do? Or should I move back to using 21.02, even if it's officially not supported anymore?

This problem has been discussed several times. For example this.

It is related to DSA which has poorer performance than swconfig, and need improvments (kernel 6.1?).
So to answer you question: there is actually nothing that you can do. And if you happen to find something new you are welcome to tell us. Many people will be expecting a solution.

Really? That's funny. I've tried 22.03 when it came out and it had similar performance problems (though it's without DSA). I had the impression it was nftables all this time. Are you saying I can move to 22.03 and it will be fine? That's a solution as well.

In addition, I believe the main snapshots already have kernel 6.1 for ipq40xx. Did anyone test that it makes a difference?

It has be discussed as a valid solution in another thread.

I will be able to test in a few days.

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I tested with 22.03.5, applied the workaround from issue 10224 (mentioned above), and I can now reach near ~900mpbs again. So I guess I'm satisfied for now. Thanks.

Still waiting to see if kernel 6.1 does anything, though.

Fun fact is that I remember good performance when testing with earlier kernel 5.15 build in late january. I will have a MR8300 in two days. I'll redo some tests with 23.05 stable and a kernel 6.1 snapshot.

I have a EA8300 i was on the supported 23.03.02

I upgraded to 23.03.5 then back to 23.03.2

Is that a bad practice to downgrade firmware with openwrt

Should i upgrade to 23.05? My EA8300 is basically a wired router modem > EA8300 Router> MR8300 Bridge Mode Wifi Access point connected with other nodes.

ISP speed Download 500 / Upload 50
Tested on 23.03 450mbps speed faculates up and down

Is 23.05 safe to upgrade to.. would i see any advantages upgrading firmware

If you keep settings from the previous version: no.
if you use settings from a close version: probably no.
Returning to an older version means less security fixes.

Yes, security fixes.
Don't keep settings when you'll upgrade to 23.05. You need to reconfigure from scratch, and read wiki about the kernel partition resize command.

Thank you so i have upgraded to 23.05 on EA8300

All good 500mb download and 50mb upload from my AP MR8300 via wifi.

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