EA8300 cutting speed

after update to OpenWrt 21.02.3, router begin cutting speed. On OpenWrt 19.07.7 speed 220-230Mbits/s, but on OpenWrt 21.02.3- only 160-190Mbit/s, I use connection Computer to router 1Gbit/s from cable


Drop in performance is expected with 21.03.

EA6350v3 uses similar IPQ40xx SoC

from 'EA6350 speedtest results.pdf' I created in March 2022.

Is there an explanation for this ? (no more HW offloading support for example)

I have a MR8300 which is very close to EA8300. I can't see any difference as I'm still using an ADSL+ connexion (22 MBit/s). Hopefully I should be able to upgrade to FTTH by the end of the year.

Someone else may be best to answer your question because I'm not a developer, but I think it is just simply down to lack of support from developers, when compared to other devices which are more widely available. If I'm wrong, someone will no doubt correct me.

As far as I'm aware, there is no HW offloading for IPQ40xx devices in OpenWrt.

If you want better performance to cope with say 500 Mbps FTTP and you plan to use SQM and may be PPPoE, you'd need to consider a faster OpenWrt device, or use stock firmware in a capable router imho.

Thank's all, helped to change the settings in network-interface, "Devices" and "Global network options"

@NoTengoBattery seems pretty accurate on support. But will his work ported back to mainstream OpenWrt ?

According to documentation, 4019 has hardware NAT. But it may not be implemented in 21.02. I remember performing tests about one year ago with a 1 Gbit/s FTTH. Results were much better with both SW/HW offloading. I can't tell if it was running 19.07 or 21.02.

For this speed, this device is enough, considering it will not be heavily used. At home I have a 1Gbit/s FTTH with an x64 router, that rules !

Thank you.