EA7300v1 installation struggles

I've searched the forum and found the EA7300v2 dual partition installation stuff, and as far as I understood I followed that stuff. Trying to load firmware via the upgrade tab in stock firmware, and getting "successful" messages.

I've tried flashing the latest (as of a few weeks ago), and I can't get it to work. I've done multiple back to back OOB's, and then flashed. I've done OEM flash, followed by OpenWrt flash, and it's still on the Linksys firmware, despite all my attempts.

After all of that, my router won't even let me log into it currently. I get the Linksys login page, and it never finishes loading. It's also taken to delaying notifications for the last week or so.

Can someone help me? I've seen it be successful, but right now this thing is frustrating me!


you could try to follow the "Back to OEM/stock firmware"
on the device page https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/ea7300_v1
it should change to the alternate firmware & get you back in at lest
I would go flash the OEM firmware a few times
just to over write both partitions before trying again

there is some additional note on the EA8100V1 Page that may help
under " OEM easy installation"

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Have this sitting from weeks ago, and didn't hit submit...smh.

Unless I'm really messing something up, this isn't working. I've probably OOB'd 15 different times and loaded firmware, OOB'd, firmware, firmware, OOB, firmware,...

None of this seems to be working for me.

Oddly, my router seems to be working better now on stock Linksys firmware. I still want to move to OpenWrt. I'll keep at it as I have time, and follow up here.