EA6350 x2 Share WIFI

I have 2 EA6350. I have 1 downstairs connected to my main router and setup as a access point. I have a 2nd upstairs and trying to extend the network to the 2nd one. I have the first setup with a IP of and the second with When i wire directly into the 2nd one i can get to the config window but, if i try to do it wireless i cant get to the config settings.

For a basic test, can you ping the device's IP address when connected via wireless?

Is the link between the access points wired or wireless?
Make sure one AP can reach the other. For example, in LuCI: Network -> Diagnostics -> ping (replace openwrt.org with the IP address of the other device)

Do the access points use the same settings for SSID and key? If so, the wireless client could be connected to the "wrong" device. This need not be a problem when the link between the APs is working, but otherwise you could get the result you are seeing.

If nothing of this helps, you might want to post your config files, at least network and wireless. Redact any secrets before posting them.