EA6350 - interface names switched in snapshot

Hi - I installed the 19.07 snapshot on an EA6350 - to replace a router that runs behind my main router. It's able to reach out to the internet fine - however there are problems in the routing between the 'wan' and 'lan' sides.

This appears to be related to the fact that the wan interface comes up as eth1 and the lan interface as eth0 - as a result the network scripts set up the default route and wan side routing correctly - but the lan side routing points to eth1 (rather than eth0).

I can fix this by modifying the routing table by hand to get the router up and running - but thought I'd mention it here in case someone saw something similar, or knew of an alternate resolution.

Is this hand-written scripts or scripts that are part of OpenWrt distribution?

Do you mean that device names changed across different OpenWrt revisions? If that is the case then it's a regression that should be avoided/fixed. Please consider filing a bug report.

fwiw, I've used 3 revisions of 17.01 snapshot to 26 August. LAN remains unchanged as eth0, and WAN is still eth1. I don't think anything has changed in last 6+ months.

As VLANs are not fully supported at present on EA6350v3, I guess the current convention is to name WAN as eth1 (instead of eth0.2) as a workaround perhaps?

Yes, I don't think there is any issue with that per se - what appears to have happened is some combination of LUCI driven actions have ended up with the router in a state where routes are created against the wrong interface subsequently (almost as if something somewhere assumes eth1 is the LAN interface). I'm trying to reproduce this.