EA4500 USB doesn't work

I bought a Linksys EA4500 a few days ago and I installed opwnwrt and after that I can't use its USB so can anybody help me ?? also I should mention that I don't know anything about openwrt or routers so please if anybody wants to help just use simple words!!

Here are the instructions to get you started, basically this is what you'll need -

Go to Luci > System > Software
Click Update lists
Then install these packages -


Then determine your file system (it's best to use ext4 if possible)
If ext4, install kmod-fs-ext4 and e2fsprogs
If ntfs, install ntfs-3g
If exfat, install kmod-fs-exfat
If fat32, install kmod-fs-vfat

Ext4, exfat and fat32 should automount, if you're using ntfs here are the instructions.