EA3500: 19.07.1 -> 19.07.2 upgrade fail [Solved]

Using luci "Flash new firnmware image" upgrade EA3500 from 19.07.1 to 19.07.2, always fail. It looks the router power up and down for couple times then roll back to 19.07.1 eventually.

Does anyone see same issue?

I don't have my ea3500 anymore but yes, it's had problems upgrading for a while now, it was reported as fixed not too long ago, but i guess broke again with the newer releases, here's the bug report i made a few years ago, might be worth keeping an eye on.

edit - forgot that my bug report was closed, you might make a new one, but it's an older device that's never been well supported, so probably just not worth the time at this point.

Uhm, I haven't seen an announcement for 19.07.2 and the download page still points to .1
It could be that the build is still in progress and it wouldn't be surprising that there are issues in this case.

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Just saw tag v19.07.2 yesterday so made a build. maybe it is not announced.

I don't have my EA 3500 soldered with serial port so have no way to know what happened when it tried to load new 19.07.2 image.

I also forgot that my bug was flashing from stock, here's the bug report about upgrading from one OpenWrt release to another, reported as fixed last February.

ok I checked FS#1810 and looks someone was blaming the change on enabling 5G channels, which doesn't make sense. And then issue was said fixed magically and still a myth to me.

I just use this crap router as Gigabyte switch so don't really care ii can upgrade to 19.07.2 or not. Just hope anyone has serial port might have time to collect a boot log. Or mythically fixed again in future version.

I only see someone asking if a patch has been merged to enable all the appropriate 5GHz WiFi channels for the device. And the "issue fixed" was regarding upgrade from 18.06.[0,1] to 18.06.2.

There have been so many changes between 18.06 and 19.07. You'd be better off looking at the merged patches between the 19.07.1 and 19.07.2 for a regression.

Guess there is some image size limitation. Rebuild an smaller image with some modules removed. Now power up with v19.07.2.

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