E8450 and rt3200

OpenWRT users, developers, et alia:

In succession to reviewing the table of hardware this morning I took notice that the table instantiates the Linksys e8450 and the Belkin RT3200 (ostensibly the very same product with differentiating branding) support two different versions of OpenWRT, can someone kindly disambiguate with respect to this concern?



What do you mean by "different versions" ?
UBI and non-UBI ?



I mean that despite the two access points being the same piece of hardware only with different branding one supports 23.05.0 and the other supports 23.05.3, in fact a reference indicate the associated e8450 model numberAP.


The only differences amount to cosmetic changes. The e8450 is in a black case and the LEDs are blue. It also has LEDs for each of the LAN ports. The RT3200 is in a white case with white power and internet LEDs, and it does not have LEDs for the LAN ports. Beyond that, the hardware is virtually identical. The same builds of OpenWRT work on both, all the way along. If the wiki indicates otherwise, it's only because one page or the other has not been updated.

as you and @grauerfuchs already pointed out, they're the same.
they support the same version(s) of openwrt.

the latest version entry haven't been updated for the RT3200 though.

frollic, et alia:

I've heard they are the same but obviously there are some minor differences and I was unaware if any modest differences would precipitate their being incapable of running the same software version. I am glad to here that it was merely a typographical error that has not yet been fixed and they both run the same firmware.