Dynamic VLAN setup

I used the article 802.1x to setup dynamic VLANS and they seem to be working as my device is put on a different VLAN when I use a different account to connect to the Wi-Fi Network. I also have internet access. See below for my setup.

Router (FreeRadius)--------------------->Access Point (2 SSIDS setup with WPA2- Enterprise)

Router 1 - trunked VLAN 1, VLAN 3, VLAN 4 on Port 4 to
Access Point - trunked the same VLANs on Port 1.

I created two users in FreeRadius which are assigned their own VLAN. The problem I'm having is that the clients when connected have an issue pinging each other. I can ping some clients and I can't ping others. The devices I can ping, have high response times.

I feel that I'm close and I just want to improve the performance of this setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Never mind the issue was resolved. After resetting everything and starting from scratch the issue is resolved. It seemed like I misconfigured something on my end in the original config.

Thanks anyway.

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