Dynamic QoS bandwith allocation to multiple machines?

Hello everybody!

I've been looking to set up QoS in my router (TL-WR842N v5) in such a way that my internet bandwith gets divided into multiple machines dinamycaly. For example: The total download speed is 512kbps (4megabits) and my server is downloading a file at 512kbps. When any other machine in the house tries to acces the internet, like a phone downloading a video at 300kbps the server gets the remaining bandwith (~200kbps), but when the phone stops downloading the server gets all the bandwith back. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Take a look at the SQM modules. If your router has enough CPU power, something like CAKE may be all you need. It provides "fair" allocation that is dynamic, so that the "limits" change depending on how many are using it at any one time. No need to penalize yourself to 1/4 the bandwidth if nobody else is using your link!

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