Dynalink DL-WRX36 - Stable or Snapshot?

Hello I bought a new Dynalink DL-WRX36 and want to install OpenWrt on it to replace my old TP-Link router (also OpenWrt).

but I am slightly confused if I should install the snapshot version or 23.05 stable.

I am confused because these sites say that only snapshot is supported: https://openwrt.org/toh/dynalink/dl-wrx36

However, under the firmware selector I can also choose 23.05 Stable:

Does everything work in the stable version?

Do I have to worry about renaming ipq807x-generic → qualcommax-ipq807x in future versions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

From my understanding you still need to use the initramfs and factory images from the device page. Later you can sysupgrade to the 23.05.0 version from the firmware selector.

Independend of that I would also recommend to activate the USB recovery (please find the corresponding section on the device page)

The wiki is outdated. (EDIT: I updated wiki)
The stable final 23.05.0 was released just a few days ago.

The snapshot is maybe more relevant, if you are familiar with OpenWrt snapshots in general.

Just once if you now select 23.05.

23.05 still uses the old target name, while main/master snapshots were changed to qualcommax to a few months ago.

If you want a future-proof solution (for 24.0x and subsequent releases), take the main/master snapshot that is already named as qualcommax.

I was able to install the stable version onto the router since I am new to openwrt and didn't feel comfortable dealing with potential snapshots issues.

In the future when a new stable update is released, I am just confused when you mentioned there will be a need to change "pq807x-generic → qualcommax-ipq807x" just once. Where would that change take place? Would I just download the new stable version with the qualcommax-ipq807x naming and sysupgrade on Luci with that file? Or is any update always going to be needed to be done via the CLI?

Thank you so much and I apologize for the silly questions, trying to learn without creating a paperwork out of this router lol

As long as you continue with 23.05.x, there is (likely) no change in naming.

But if you would later want to jump into the next year's stable release, 24.0x.x, it would use the new naming from current main/master and you would need to download the sysupgrade file with the new name.
Actual sysupgrade/flashing would be quite normal.

Additionally, the file naming affects all boot/install advice regarding the filename in commands. Mostly irrelevant after the original installation, but e.g. if you have enabled the USB boot fail over in u-boot, make sure that the name of the image file on stick matches the name in the boot command.


Your response is much appreciated, thank you.

Let me see if I understood your answer correctly. So for the next stable upgrade 24.0x.x, I would just download the sysupgrade file and flash it via the Lucy interface, right? Or would I download the new stable version with the new naming scheme and use that to flash with Lucy interface?

And regarding the USB boot fail over in u-boot, once I am on the new stable version 24.0x.x, can I run the commands again and update the commands with the new image file for the 24.0x.x? Or will that cause some type of issue?

Yes, like I said.

The image on your USB stick is quite separate, and if/when you might use that just for recovering and flashing a new OpenWrt, there is likely no real reason to use a new image, but you can just keep the old image on the stick. BUT if you would store a new image with new naming scheme to the stick, you would need to update also the u-boot recovery command to match the file name.

(In short: Simplest is just to keep the current image and the current command. No real need to update it)

Thank you hnyman that clears things up.

I have an issue following the old saying "keep things simple stupid" :smiley: lol