Dynalink DL-WRX36 Askey RT5010W IPQ8072A technical discussion

All the BDFs are extracted from the OEM FW, just that one yields weaker tx power vs. another.

That's not the point. The point is, only one of the bdf is actually used by the stock firmware and that's the same one that OpenWrt is using.

Please note that there is a known issue regarding displaying the tx-power, that means the tx-power you are seeing in iw or luci might be wrong and the actual tx-power is higher.

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I don't think it's just a display error.

There's more than the Tx power and my wifi speed.
There's also interference with other wifi devices, SAR radiation emission, EMI emission and a lot more that I'm not aware of.

To guarantee that wifi devices comply with all the rules mandatory by law, they are certified by independent test labs.

If you don't use the same BDF that stock FW uses, you will not have a certified wifi radio and that's against the law to operate.

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Btw these device are getting impossible to find in Europe... Aside from scammy eBay that sell them with openwrt preinstalled... Actually I should report them as it's a violation of our guidelines I think...

You can buy them from US Amazon


That is what I did, you only need a 75 cents conversion plug to fit in EU

You must only mean selling with OpenWrt pre-installed AND not clearly disclosing this, right? I have sold many all-in-ones and routers on e-bay with OpenWrt installed. I would consider it a disservice to buyers to give them inferior, out of date OEM firmware :wink:

openwrt can't be used as a selling point if not authorized... if the device is used it's another topic but those are sold as new

yep i know but i just don't like 18 eur of shipping ahhaha seems to be the only option tho

probably still cheaper than the scalpers on eBay.

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For country code GB (bought the router from Amazon UK back in Mar 2023) I get best results with bdwlan.b292.
In Luci I can set:
2.4G: 20 dBm
5G: 23 dBm (channels 36 - 64) and 30 dBm (channels 100 - 140)

Other board files come closer (or farther) but none hits the mark. Including one provided by snapshot.
Have tried (extracted from OEM firmware; image 9 -> wififw_v2-rt5010w-d350):

  • BDF_20210412.bin
  • BDF_20210705.bin
  • bdwlan.b292
  • bdwlan.b293
  • bdwlan.b294
  • bdwlan.rt5010w_rev2
  • bdwlan.rt5010w_rev3
  • bdwlan.rt5010w-d350_rev0
  • GoldenBin_20210323.bin

Side note (apologies if this has already been surfaced before): ART partition appears to contain default country codes used by OEM firmware (say, when doing factory reset)

Another side note....came across this QCA document on scribd (google it): QCA-Networking-2021-SPF-11-5-CSU1-Release-Notes
Not much use to me but may reveal some hidden IPQ807X details to more technically minded.

Yes, anything I've sold is used and most were purchased used to begin with.

Hi Ansuel, I'd be happy to fund the delivery charge with simple £20.00 PayPal transfer.
Please let me know if that works for you. Kind regards


Do the product sold by Amazon have wireless regulations locked to the US only?

Not if you use openwrt, for stock fw, no idea.


I am currently using a R7800 with the NSS build on BT full fibre 930/110

Is it worth upgrading to the Dynalink?

You would only need to upgrade to the Dynalink if you want faster VPN throughput. R7800's range is even better than that of the Dynalink.

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The dl-wrx36 will be an overall improvement, but the biggest difference will be the wireless side - with ax clients (2x2, 80 MHz) you can probably expect twice the effective throughput.

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Anyone knows how to manually assign irqs? I already on 23.0.5 for 2 days no error whatsoever since then.