Dynalink DL-WRX36 Askey RT5010W IPQ8072A technical discussion

After toggling the setting, I spent a good portion of the afternoon researching the difference between multicast and unicast... and can confidently say I still don't fully understand the difference - lol - other than it's how packets are distributed around the Wi-Fi network to the clients. For my relatively basic home / home office needs, I can't imagine it's going to have much effect either way. For larger corporate networks or very type specific networks, I could absolutely see how one may be preferred over the other. Although even that seems to be quite debatable depending on which article you're reading at the time.

For now - I agree that it appears to be a firmware issue that hopefully Qualcomm addresses at some point. There's no other reason for it to be broken like this. I believe my router began with the 2.5 firmware -vs- the 2.9 it has now... and I remember ipv6 worked flawlessly back then when I first flashed over to openwrt. I supposed I could flash the firmware back to test, but since my network is used by my family daily - they'll just be even more annoyed than they have been already with me rebooting over and over like I had been. "it works for us, why does it matter?!" :laughing:

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I did the same and there is no single answer. It's sometimes more efficient but uses more router resources. Based on this explanation [https://arista.my.site.com/AristaCommunity/s/article/wireless-network-optimization-multicast-to-unicast-conversion] it seems for your household checking the box is better anyway so the work-around is worth doing regardless.

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Sorry to take you back to Feb., but could you recommend a USB-to-serial cable that will work with this router. The one I tried won't attach to the pins in the router.
Thanks (and thanks for a very precise guide)

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The one I but do not physically fit.

But that is how I remove the plastic caps and connected OK.

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I've also joined the multicast_to_unicast workaround bandwagon to resolve the issues I listed here


Can anyone confirm if there are any VLAN issues ATM for LAN or WiFi? I searched and can see discussions regard limited functionality in this regard

Anyone using this router simply as a dumb access point with OpenWrt?

I have a WRT1900ACS OpenWrt still working well, wondering if I should keep it going but disable its wifi completely.

I don't use VLAN's or dumb access point sorry, someone else would need to chime in.

Regarding WiFi, I only use wifi and the issues have been addressed in my last post.

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I use it as an AP connected to a wired router with 1 tagged VLAN for "network 1", and untagged for "network 2".
It's working fine so far, but it's using build from January (I plan yo update it in the coming month).

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Does WTX36 support Software flow offloading and Hardware flow offloading ?

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AFAIK it's only supported by Mediatek hw .

Sorry for my noobness, what are the pros / cons?

thx mate. Are you utilizing VLAN over WiFi?

DL-WRX36 WiFi performance in general is not so great in my use, but I had no VLAN issues on LAN or WiFi using one as an AP and switch.

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Has anyone done performance tests with this baby yet? Curious about a few things -

  • Peak throughput - assumimg it handles 1Gbit (~940 Mbit) but how close to 2.5Gbit can it get with software flow offload (assuming not great since we are losing hardware flow offloading via NSS cores for the time being).
  • SQM - I'm still running my WRT32X as my main router which handles 500 Mbit down 30 Mbit up connection with SQM cake perfectly (+0 ms to dl/ +0ms to upload on bufferbloat test) but it's right at CPU0 limit doing so, since there is no multicore-DSA for CPU1. Curious how the ipq807x does.
  • Samba performance - my WRT32X maxes out gigabit LAN at 110-120 MB/s with my USB3 external drive, great for Kodi and misc. file storage. Curious how ipq807x does.
  • How does it respond to common performance tweaks like irqbalance and packet steering?

Having 1GB RAM will be nice. However, losing dual boot via advanced-reboot package would be a big loss for me. I know the OEM firmware supports it for this device, hopefully someday OpenWrt will too. I always have two builds flashed and reboot between them when tested packaging on my WRT32X.

I know I'm just comparing this to my 7 year old router but it's what I use right now and mvebu is still a fairly popular platform. If these tests haven't been done I'll do them when I get one... Thanks in advance.

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Thnx mate.

What issues are you running into WiFi performance wise? Are earlier fw builds better than recent?

Any ''disable MU-MIMO''' option in Openwrt ?

About irqbalance that is somewhere in this thread bottom line if I remember correctly do not use it but there where some manual tweaks described.
I did some throughput testing and it maxes out my 1 GB lan (LAN<>WAN wired iperf3) without any off-loading or tweaks
WireGuard throughput 800 Mb/s :slight_smile: but the router was doing nothing else.
Wifi about 10-15% higher throughput than my R7800 (AX vs AC) but off course only 5 GHz and not too far away from the router.
But just some quick tests so just to give an indication :slight_smile:


I settled on 650 Mbit download for SQM with software offloading, packet steering, and the above script from @hnyman. Above that and I would start to see worse scores from tests. My ISP download is 800Mbit with some overprovisioning to 900+.

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