Dying ? TP-Link WDR 4900

I own a TP-Link WDR 4900 (international version) since 4-5 years.

I immediately flashed it with the latest openwrt firmware at the time.

For 1-2 years it behaves quiet well, all expected fonctionnalities were working.

Then, I started to experience a very strange behavior, after a certain period of time the wireless totally crashed. The 2 wireless leds turned off and 2 SSIDs disappeared.

While in this "mode", some wired functionnality of the router still "works" but it behaves as a switch or bridge, meaning I cannot reach it on any known IP adress.

To get it back to work, I switch off the router and after a few tentatives, It restarts normally. Now I have to turn it off and on almost 10 times to get it back to work.

At the beginning it was hardly happening, once every few weeks but then it became more and more frequent. Now the router only works few hours to few minutes before it crashes making it totally unusable.

I couldn't correlate this issue with any kind of specific event, it can happen while nobody is connected to the network.

Of course, I flashed latest openwrt firmware each time it was released and now I am at 18.08.1.

I tried to debug this by enabling logging to external USB but when I look at the log after a crash It shows nothing after the time it crashed.

If you have any idea as to how I could troubleshoot this, I am open to any suggestion.

It looks to me as if it is an hardware issue but I wanted to share this with the community in case it happened to someone else.

I am disappointed to get rid of this router as it served me well for the time it was working fine.

Thanks for your help and feedback.


That behaviour sounds indeed like hardware related. Perhaps the PSU being on the way out or (a bit more likely) capacitors dying on your router's PCB, while there may be other hardware issues as well, those two are the only fixable ones.

Electronics can and do age, especially those that is getting warm during operations.