[DUPLICATED] Tl-mr6400 port forwarding


First of all, of course I know how to setup port forwards!

It ran very good until I needed to set up port forwards for connecting remotely to my CCTV (

After a massive headache I finally found that inbound connections seem to never reach the WAN interface of the device (router side, not the LTE)

This device has an integrated LTE module that runs on android and have a DHCP server (…
WAN interface on LEDE is a normal DHCP client by default and connects normally, internet outgoing connections also work normally.

The problem lies on the incoming connections that seem to never reach the WAN interface of LEDE system, I could clearly see it running tcpdump on that interface (usb0=WAN)
As I understand something on the LTE module side is blocking these connections, but I’m not really sure.

I had to revert to OEM firmware, port forwards work normally as before (before trying LEDE on this device).

LTE module uses by default, router side uses by default, my wan IP is LTE IP is static. What i should do? a bridge between lan and wan?

Then, you need to check the LTE modem.

Duplicate of: TL MR6400 running LEDE the DMZ from LTE module won’t work properly and incoming connections are never made