Dump AP mode dropping pings

I have had a Asus RT-ARCH13 wireless router running for a month now. I recently upgraded to 19.07.7. Yesterday I added a second RT-ARCH13 that I bought used on Ebay. I configured it using the Dumb AP document on the OpenWRT documentation site.

I connect the Dumb AP to the original Asus. I get on my PC, which is connected to the original Asus via a cable. When I ping the Dumb AP, it drops a lot of pings. When I connect the Dumb AP directly to my PC using an ethernet cable, pings are 100% successful.

I went through the Dumb AP configuration a couple times, and it all looks good. Any ideas on why the Dumb AP drops pings when connected to the main wireless router?

I ran a couple more tests, and discovered that the second Asus was registering the same MAC address as the first. This may have been because I copied the config from the first Asus over to the second. I added physical MAC address into the MAC override on the LAN interface, and now it's working correctly..

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