Dumb WDS Repeater with IPv6

Hi. I have some dumb questions about dumb repeaters.

I'm following this WDS repeater guide for LuCI. There are 2 routers - a main router and a repeater router.

  1. If I want the main router to manage everything (DHCP, DNS, etc.) is this repeater called a "dumb" repeater?
  2. I checked the box to "ignore" the DHCP server (Network -> Interfaces -> LAN -> DHCP Server -> General Setup -> Ignore interface). Does this only disable DHCP for IPv4? I'm new to IPv6 and know it's very different from IPv4, so I'm not sure how to make my main router responsible for DHCP for both IPv4 and IPv6. What need to be done in LuCI after following that guide to achieve this?
  3. I'd like for any computer on the network, regardless of which router it's connected to, to be able to run ping -6 hostname and have the hostname resolve to the correct IPv6. On my repeater, if I set Network -> DHCP and DNS -> Forwards -> DNS Forwards to (my main router's IP), will this work as I expect for both IPv4 and IPv6? Does anything special need to be done for IPv6 DNS?

Thank you and sorry about the newbie questions.

What is an "upstream access point router" exactly?
Is it just an "access point", or is it a "router"?

  1. No, the term "dumb" refers to the device that does not manage DHCP or DNS.
  2. Not sure what you mean here.
  3. No, both the DHCP and DNS servers must be disabled on the "dumb" devices, there is no forwarding on this layer.
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The "upstream access point router" is the main router in the network, not just an access point. I was trying to use the terminology from that guide. I edited my post above for clarity. From now on I'll just call them "main router" and "repeater router."

Ok thanks, that's what I meant. I think the repeater in this setup would be considered "dumb" since it does not manage DHCP/DNS and instead lets the main router handle it.

There are 2 routers. I want the repeater router to be dumb. I don't want the repeater router to manage DHCP or DNS. I think that checking the "Ignore interface" checkbox on the repeater router will accomplish this goal for DHCP for IPv4, but I think it will still manage DHCP for IPv6. In other words, how do I make the repeater router "dumb" with respect to DHCPv6?

Ok thanks. How can I disable DNS on the "dumb" router then? I think the guide said to set DNS forwarding on the dumb repeater, which if I understand you correctly, is incorrect?

I would disable the DNSMASQ service completely, and forget about any forwarding; can't say why the guide says something different.

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