Dumb AP with WAN port without VLAN

Dear LEDE community,

I have my Ubiquiti at home as my main router ( doing DHCP, NAT, everything. I use LEDE 17.01.4 on my ASUS RT-N56U as a simple Wifi AP ( and to connect my webservers to its LAN ports. I do not need any complicated VLAN setup.

Up until now I have been using Padavan firmware. In that config, a cable from my main Ubiquiti router was in the WAN port of my ASUS dumb AP. Now I followed 'Dumb AP/Bridged AP' tutorial https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/bridgedap in bridged mode and while my Wifi now works, cable coming from upstream Ubiquiti has to be in Asus' LAN port, not in its WAN. This is a problem, as I need that port for my mailserver.

Problem 1) How do I move the WAN cable from LAN to WAN port on my LEDE Asus router?
I guess it is done somehow by configuring VLAN tagged and untagged stuff. But as I lack experience in VLAN I do not know how to configure it so that my Ubiquiti 'WAN' cable is in the Asus' WAN port and my LAN ports are free to hook up my NAS and webservers.

For now I disabled the VLAN functionality. I even tried to erase both VLAN interfaces 1 and 2 as I do not need them but it killed my access to the router and I had to reflash.

Problem 2) In my current Dumb AP setup, I do not have any network connectivity on the LEDE router commandline when I SSH into it (but Wifi clients connecting to LEDE Asus have normal internet connection). So it is just the command line - I cannot install any packages. I can ping my main Ubiquiti router, but not or any other network address. opkg update is not working. The default route is there.

Could someone please offer some assistance here? It is very much appreciated.
Many thanks.

1 - I think you need to reassign the WAN port to the LAN side bridge, though not sure of the mechanics involved.
Networking => Interfaces => Physical Settings

2 - The OpenWrt Guest recipe relies on the guest being on the primary router and requires the use of VLANs to setup this up on the AP. This article will set the "Guest" up on the AP with the AP running the DHCP for the Guest and the Ubiquiti the DHCP for the main AP.

Hi @RangerZ,
Thanks for your input.

Ad 1) I know this needs to be done, but I have no idea how. I guess it will involve manipulating the Switch section of the LuCI. If you have any idea which ports need to be tagged and which untagged, I would appreciate it.

Ad 2) I have not understood what you said. I do not need AP to run any kind of DHCP as my main router is taking care of that reliably. I need my secondary LEDE Asus router to offer only Wifi functionality and nothing else.

Since yesterday I have solved my LEDE router being unable to access internet to get packages via opkg. What differed from the tutorial I linked was leave dnsmasq enabled and disable the firewall. First I disabled them both so I guess it screwed up DNS resolver on the LEDE.

So the trick to get packages updating was to:

  1. Enable dnsmasq

  2. Disable firewall

  3. Edit /etc/config/network and add missing DNS information so that it looks like this:

    config interface 'lan'
    option type 'bridge'
    option ifname 'eth0.1'
    option proto 'static'
    option netmask ''
    option ip6assign '60'
    option ipaddr ''
    option gateway ''
    option delegate '0'
    list dns
    list dns

Then opkg update worked. It is quite possible leaving out google DNS and keeping just my own (Ubiquiti router's DNS) would be sufficient and maybe I will change that in the future, but for now it worked.

With this part finished, I just need to know how to move WAN port from LEDE's LAN port to its dedicated WAN like with the previous Padavan firmware. Any idea is appreciated.

Re 1 sorry can not help
RE 2 you said DumbAp and I offered you guest wireless answers. My bad.