Dumb AP : OpenWrt light for low powered device?


I want to make a dumb 2.4GHz AP. I have a router that I can use for that G624T and I can also buy used basic wifi router at few bucks... but when I always check the openwrt compliance, I got the warning saying that the device is too low powered and not future proof (4MB Flash /32MB RAM warning message).
Do I really need better devices for dumb ap?
Is there may-be a light version of OpenWRT to operate as Dump AP only?
Are you all doing Dumb AP with Ferrari router??
Your thoughts?


You can squeeze a customized older version (18.06) of openwrt into 4MB flash, and run it within 32MB, in case your device is supported. You will need to buld your own custom image, then. However, I see that your G624T is rather problematic https://openwrt.org/toh/d-link/dsl-624t

Devices with 4 MB flash or 32 MB RAM are no longer supported by OpenWrt, regardless of what you intend to do with them.

Yes, building from source and making hard decisions about what to drop and what to keep can extend this a bit, but that becomes harder with every new kernel update (it's barely possible in current master). Sticking to older -unsupported- releases should not be considered an option, as security vulnerabilities are left unfixed there.


16 MB RAM means that model is a non-starter. It hasn't been supportable since version 8.

Almost any stock firmware can be pressed into service as a dumb AP by disabling the DHCP server and not using the WAN network, but the G624T has only g wireless so it is thoroughly obsolete for that as well.


What's your budget?

It is not necessary a pricing question... just wondering. But may-be the solution for dumb ap is to keep stock fw

no necessarly obsolete for IoT for example...

Not entirely sure IoT devices support g, definitely n, but g?

I checked quickly and they are all b/g/n compatible

If anything above a 4/32 device looks like a Ferrari router to you, then it is a budget issue.

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Was ironic :wink: