Dumb AP & Guest Wi-Fi - Wrong instructions / review necessary?

The guides are still a bit of a mess.

I want to set up guest on my two dumb AP's, and maybe I can refresh the guide while I figure out how.

I originally wanted to set up a VLAN for guest, thinking that that was the "normal" way. I also figured that that was the reason (some?) stock consumer devices don't offer guest Wi-Fi if you set them up as dumb AP.

Which makes me wonder why they don't offer guest Wi-Fi if it can be done without touching other infrastructure.

Also I'm leaning towards just deleting the wan/wan6 zones in all guides. They are just clutter. That was the first thing I did to make my AP's.

Hi matthayichen,
I invested approx 2 days to completly rewrite this guide,
discussed with Peter Sherman best options and pro / cons how to do this guide right,
to achive different goals that where not discussed here ins this thread in detail.
The guy who changed the guide before me replaced right information with wrong information, which really harmed the quality of the guide.

If you want to edit the guide to make it better, i would appreciate you give us a clue what "mess" issue you are going to adress.

Deleting WAN is discussed in current version. it makes a cleaner look, but does not bring any advantages in functionallity.

Thank you for respecting that other people invested lots of time to bring the guide to the state it is currently and for telling us whre exactly it is a mess / can become better.

Hello Mopsza,

We don't need to fight over this. I mostly meant readability and esthetics issues as I see the technical errors are already handled. You can fix them if you want. I posted here first to get opinions.

I see some spelling errors. "szenario" seems quite Eastern European?

Greetings from India,

p. s. I believe you can also revert any previous edits which only served to introduce errors, like in most wiki-style documentation.

You are more than welcome to work on readability, esthetics and spelling.
Not my speciality.

"Szenario" - and other speeling problems, this is a non native speaker from austria trying to express himself.

Glad to hear you see no technical problems in the guide.
Revert changes .. yes. But screenshots where from openWrt Verson 18, on top of that wrong Info was added, it was a little mess and just to revert was no option, as we also added the empty bridge as a new "device" to avoid other problems which the guide in its latest form did not adress.

From my (technical) point of view, the guide is good.
But there is lots of room for improvment in readabulity, esthetics and spelling.
Go ahead :slight_smile:

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