Dumb AP config when default IP clashes with modem router

I have just flashed a Ubiquiti Bullet AC and have run into a problem. I have a Apple Mac so no ethernet ports and my LANs modem/router uses the same address as the default openwrt flash uses as a default. My router now assigns the bullet with the address, which i can not SSH onto. How do I change the default IP address? Can you alter it before the firmware flash?

Change the default IP of the modem/router.

you might also be able to fix it using arp

Interesting suggestions, thank you. arp freaks my network connection out as it seems to be redirecting my commands (eg ssh root$ via which is still the new openwrt bullet rather than my router/modem) thankfully everything restores itself after a few seconds of losing my network connection. As I have only just flashed the new "firmware" i haven't managed to turn it into a dumb AP yet.

Time to brush up on my ip addressing. Do you know what is below but still on the submask?

what do you mean by below ?
.0.1 ? .1.0 ?

And yes, arp might freak out your network, depending on what IPs you use, but you don't really need internet access at this moment.

what you want to do is to map an available IP to the MAC of the Bullet using arp.
then ssh to it on the "virtual IP" used in arp. Unfortunately this is a thesis, all my
computers have ethernet ports, in one way or the other :wink: