Dumb AP around 50/60Eur

what luci have to do with wireless drivers?

I never used openwrt. I was reading some guides and watching some videos for the last months so I just supposed I can choose which driver to use from Luci. Which is the most used driver?

mt76, and the alternative is mtk

Use what comes with the image, swap, if needed.
You're over thinking this.

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agreed, except with ath10k-ct :wink:

If considering a router making use of MT7621/MT7615 SoC, including the D-Link DIR-882,
Be aware of the many complaints: Topic HERE

As ethernet routers, they're pretty decent, especially with recent commits provided by arinc9
The wireless stability/performance is something you wish for on your enemies.

I was so happy because I had a decision :rofl:

Then get the 70X from Amazon instead.

trust me this device run very good wireless drivers, mtk wifi, i think right now are the best wireless drivers that openwrt can run, yeah not officialy, but that will run

How are so many people claims that 5ghz isn't working?

because they are talking about mt76

Does 5ghz works for you?

Yes, maximum throughput to my ISP 200 down (/ 100+ up ; because of slow firewall checking outgoing traffic) . Haven't bothered to test network internal throughput but can do that once if you would need that.

I was asking about the 5ghz band because re650 use the same chipsets of dir-882

I see no problems in use, throughput is good, and roaming works well if there is a better AP close by... Using MediaTek MT7615E 802.11nac for 5GHz.

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It looks like the ones selling now are V2 which is not supported. @nicefile do you know anything about this?

What about the Asus RT-AX53U? Didn't found any issue on the forum.

I think that one has a MT9715 DBDC 802.11ax radio, I have a PoE AP with the same radio (EAP615-Wall) and happy with it.

It looks they use the same chips https://openwrt.org/toh/asus/rt-ax53u vs https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/eap615-wall thank you for your input :slight_smile:

I'll buy one of this until the end of the day https://www.amazon.es/-/pt/dp/B099X58J8D vs https://www.amazon.es/-/pt/dp/B07QYGCGS7 the only downside of the ASUS is that is not sold by Amazon what makes it harder to return If need to.

Keep in mind the 8300 is a tri-band device, max AC speed is 867.