Dumb AP around 50/60Eur

I'm refactoring my home network and will need two dumb APs. Which APs do you recomend aroung the 50/60eur price tag and easy to find in Europe (best if avaiable on amazon.es)?

I would like to be able to use roaming features of openwrt and maybe to use a vlan on the future.

Thank you

https://www.amazon.es/dp/B08ZMRQ61Z/ if you don't mind some manual labor, since it's not an officially supported device, yet.

And the AX3000 is in black friday sale but I would prefer a supported device. I don't think I have the knowledge to help.

The 80X/AX3000 is Qualcomm, there's currently no support for those in openwrt.

For the 70X you (need to ?) change boot loader to breed, then flash the image of the dir-853-r1.
Once booted, manually export the radio fw by running cat /dev/mtd2 > /lib/firmware/mediatek/mt7915_eeprom_dbdc.bin on every boot, and add the kmod-mt7915e package.

piece of cake :slight_smile:

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I'll take a look. I found this sale on amazon https://www.amazon.es/-/pt/dp/B07QYGCGS7/ and it is supported but reading the forum there is a problem for futures versions because of kernel size so I don't know if it is a good bet or not neither how it compares with the one you linked. Do you think MR70X will have better support in the future than MR8300?

Better get the DIR-882 from ES eBay, just make sure it's the correct revision, before buying, openwrt supports A1 and R1 (don'r know if there are other revisions), check with seller.

Revision should be printed on the sticker, at the bottom of the device.

With the Breed loader, it should, but I don't own a time machine :wink:

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I understand that :slight_smile: I was wondering if MR70X architecture is better supported by openwrt than MR8300.
I'll take a look if DIR-882 got a black friday sale tomorrow.

Apples and bananas, the 70X is a newer AX device, while the MR8300 is old AC.

From a maturity point of view, the AC should be better, but there are, as you've pointed out yourself, limits in the boot loader, for the MR8300.

The AX driver is relatively new, and will probably still contain bugs, but it is the future.

If I'd be getting an AC device today, I wouldn't buy anything slower than AC2600.

I suspect the AX1800s wifi is equal, speed wise, to the DIR-882s AC2600.

My ISP connection is 500/100 so if I can get something around 300-500mbps using WiFi it is ok (i could get that speeds with isp router so I think it is ok for a AC2200). Even to use the local NAS these speeds are ok for me using WiFi and I don't think I'll need something better on a few years.

These are my ISP router wifi features (looks like a ac2350).

My main concern is to choose an AP that is most likely to have openwrt in the following years :slight_smile:

My Archer C2600 APs max out at around 600mbps, they're however Qualcomm based, not Mediatek, but it should give you an idea about the performance ....

Found some DIR-882 on a local site for used stuff. Will try to know the revision :slight_smile:

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I suppose the re650 could be a candidate too. Got mine setup with 802.1x, dVLAN and FT. Works well.


I can't found any around 60eur, are you talking about this one: TP-Link AC2600 RE650 Gigabit Range Extender - RE650 ? I like the small factor as I don't need the extra ethernet ports. BTW on a dumb ap can I still use the other ethernet ports as a "dumb switch"?

yes you can.

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In the second AP that will be in the living room have extra ethernet ports is nice. I'm waiting for the sellers to answer :slight_smile:

Expensive, considering the new ones on eBay are 40€.

There is one at 50eur and another at 60eur and both says that is possible to lower the price. The thing is that I can grab these on hand while the ebay ask 30eur for shipping.

ES eBay doesn't use flat rate shipping?


I may had a wrong country selected before. Will check which price I get on the used one.

Update: when I finish the address the shipping cost changes to 55€ for the two units :confused:

weird ...

I used a ZIP in Murcia, but I didn't go to the final step in the purchase process.
What about buying one unit at a time ?