Dumb AP: archer D7 or Mi router 4a gigabit (or else)?

Hello. I need a couple of devices to install openwrt into and configure as dumb Aps with wired backbone plus local switching.
I could get for almost the same price Tp-link Archer D7 or Mi router 4a gigabit edition.
I need good 2.4g coverage (big walls) an stable throughput for streaming media an serve files from a server on the Lan.
What do you think?

According to the WiKi, the Mi seems to have a better CPU. Not that it has only 2 LAN ports.

I don't know about the WiFi performance though.

The Mi CPU is ~40% faster (based on SQM comparison) than the Archer D7, and dual core (4 threads) versus single core on the D7. Same 16/128 memory on both. If you can confirm good wifi performance, the Mi does look like the better hardware of the two.

You could reduce your risk by buying just one Mi first. If the wifi is not as strong as you would like, it may still work out it in the least demanding of your two AP locations, and get something better for the second - or if the Mi wifi is good, buy the second Mi.

Sometimes too, very good hardware can be purchased used for not much more (or less) than an inexpensive new router. The second story AP in our home is a used Linksys EA8500 that cost $55 shipped. It provides fantastic 2.4 and 5g wifi range and performance, and it has a very capable ipq8064 CPU and plenty of memory (128MB flash/512MB memory). I had to open the case to flash it with a USB to serial dongle, but it was worth it. A used Linksys EA8300 would also be a good choice for an AP. Either would serve you better than the outdated Archer D7 hardware and have more capability than the Mi.

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