Dual Wan + Dual Hotspot

Hi...Need some help...

I have a netgear wndr3700 and have two internet connections. One my dsl modem that connects to the wan and is shared by router as access point named NETDSL only in the 2.4GHZ radio.

The other is my 4g phone that is connect by usb and configured as rndis and want to share as access point named NET4G with the 5ghz radio. How can I route and have the two internet simultaneous?

Access Point NETDSL 2.4GHZ - Dsl modem from WAN - This is done and working. When I connect to this I have a Ip from my dsl service.

Access Point NET4G 5GHZ - Samsung phone internet connected by usb Rndis. Configured and connected but no internet traffic in the access point. How can I route the traffic to this?


How do you want the traffic to flow? Do you want to route or to bridge traffic?

If you've got a twisty face going with that question, would you describe how you want to use devices connected to your APs? For example, "A client that connects to either AP can have access to the Internet, but can't access clients on the other AP."

Hi Jeff

I want to route the traffic like this:

Client connected to access point NETDSL (2.4GHZ) has dsl internet (modem connected in wan ethernet port)

Client connected to access point NET4G (5GHZ) has 4G internet (samsung phone connect to router by usb rndis)

Hope that you can help me!


You could add a bridge with proto none ("Unmanaged" in LuCI) between the NET4G AP and the phone usb0. This would make the phone handle all routing of the 4G users. They would not be part of the router's lan or wan at all.

Starting all over gain!

Is it possible to have the traffic routed like this:


Like that connecting to Lan or Lan2 uses always the wan UPC!

Want that lan2 uses UPC2