Dual Usb tethering

i'm buying ASUS RT-AC88U to use without an home dsl
it's possible to use two mobile phone in usb tethering and aggregate wan speed?

Don't, just don't (Broadcom wifi). There are plenty better devices around.


@slh not a good router? can you suggest me a not too expensive?
anyway, it's possible to use two usb tethering and aggregates wan speed?

You can't completely aggregate the speed but you can load-balance them so that half of the Internet connections go by each one. For example someone downloading a file could use the whole bandwidth of one phone, then another window watching a movie should use the other phone.


Depends on if you need wifi, or not.

Where are you located, geographically, and how much is too expensive?

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Yes i need Wifi and RT-AC88U has a good wifi, i can find it from about 100€
i'm moving in an italian island with poor signal
Some good solution at the same price?

not with openwrt, it doesn't :wink:

Ideally you'd want two USB3 ports, I guess, here's a filter applied.

Skip the last two VR2600s, they're VDSL routers, unless you don't really need a WAN port,
and is doing mobile internet only.


maybe i don't understand the table, i see that RT-AC88U is fully supported with wifi

now i verify your link to see if there's some good solution for me, thanks

But the real question is: can i use 2 usb tethering in load-balance with openwrt??

doesn't mean it's works as well as with stock fw.
you've been told to stay away, if you choose to do so, or not, is entirely up to you.

as @mk24 already said, you can utilize the two at the same time, but not aggregate.


What about NETGEAR XR500?

Yes and no. If these are two different links without some upstream element that combines these you might at best be able to do flow-based load balancing, which will in the aggregate use both links, but e.g. for a single flow up-/download you will be limited to the speed of a single of these connections. The alternative requires some sort of bonding or multi-path tunnel, which in turn requires some node in the internet to act as the "convergence" node (and if your two physical paths to the convergence node differ a lot in loss-rate or delay/jitter things can become "interesting").

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it's a great device, go for it, if can get your hands on one.

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Two USB3 ports aren't necessary. A single USB3 port with even a cheap hub will provide more than enough bandwifth for two cellular adapters. Just make sure the hub also is USB3.

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True, but possibly not enough power to keep both phones on, without draining the batteries over time.

That's why one should use an active hub with a separate power supply.
It's only a bit difficult to make sure the hub and psu are strong enough to deliver enough current for the connected devices.