Dual router setup with secondary router with vpn issues

Hello everyone,

I'm a fresh openwrt user.
I have installed it on a TP LINK ARCHER C60 router instead of its original firmware.

My aim is to setup a secondary wifi that accesses the internet via a VPN to get VOWIFI calls while abroad, by tricking my android phone.

The issue I have is that it seems to me that the traffic does not go through the vpn interface and firewall rules I set.

I got the setup guide from my VPN provider

Internet works, but I get the same external IP the main router has (bugger).

The tun0 interface the VPN is supposed to be using keeps data transfer at near-zero figures.

I think it's a tiny tweak to the settings I need, but have been unable to figure that out yet...

Oh, and the VPN provider suggests to get over it by installing vpn on end devices...
Not very helpful this time!

Any help is welcome!


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fwiw, try the guide I wrote for HH5A client openvpn router, wired to main ISP facing router. I use VPNunlimited and I've tested it with several openwrt routers.

The instructions published by VPNunlimited does not even take advantage of new ovpn file upload function of 19.07 btw.