Dual-Partition Settings (sysupgrade)


I think this works very well, but want to understand it ... LOL. I have a duat-partition router (Linksys EA3500), and am using luci-app-advanced-reboot. From Github, there is a note that,
When you reboot to a different partition, your current settings (WiFi SSID/password, etc.) will not apply to a different partition. Different partitions might have completely different settings and even firmware.

But ... I find when I do a sysupgrade, the settings from one partition are copied to the other (which is actually great!). To understand ... is this because as part of the sysupgrade function / processing, the settings are backed up, and then stored / restored to the new partition (where the firmware is also being written)?


could be this or simply there is one partition for data and 2 for the firmware...

Yes, unless you disable that option, that is exactly how it works.


Perfect - that makes sense, and is actually quite nice ... :smile:. Just in case (future), how to disable the option? Not keeping settings would do it, but of course would reset the other partition ... right? Is there a way to just not change them (in the other partition).


no, you ll have the old setting saved on that partition, and the new flashed partition with opernwrt default setting.

On these devices, you always install the new version on the other partition, and then (optionally) copy the configuration files there; finally, the other partition becomes the active one, and the device boots int it.

You can use the "-n" parameter for "sysupgrade", or un-check the option on LuCl.


Thanks for the info - much appreciated!

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