Dual Gateway/VPN question

For a while, I have had the following setup which has worked. However, I want to switch from DD-WRT to OpenWRT and I am stuck on something which I cannot get working as needed.

My current setup uses a Google Wifi router as the main router. Its LAN IP is
I have also a Netgear R7000 using DD-WRT that is connected from the DD-WRT router's WAN port to the main Google Router's LAN port. The DD-WRT router is just there to be connected to a VPN 24/7.
The DD-WRT's LAN IP on the Google's LAN is

ALL my devices are connected via switch to the Google's LAN and use as the gaetway. However, when I need a device to use the VPN, I just manually change the gateway to and it works flawlessly. I do this as opposed to going thru the DD-WRT's LAN because this way everything remains in the same LAN.

So now, I want to replace the DD-WRT router with an OpenVPN router. I am using a GL.iNet MT300N-V2.
The IP of the OPENVPN router on the Google LAN is However, when I set a device's gateway to, I don't get any internet to work at all.

I am guessing that it is a firewall issue, but I tried everything I knew how, and no luck. I am not a huge expert in networking either.

Any help would be appreciated.

@george999, welcome to the community!

Permit forwarding from WAN to VPN.

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Thank you. Can you please give me a little guidance as how to do that?