Dual band router: If the chip used for 2.4G also supports 5G, can we make it work on 5G channel?

For example, the Netgear R7800 uses two QCA9984 to support 2.4G and 5G. In some case, I may not
need 2.4G. To get the max performance, can I make two QCA9984 both work on 5G channel? Any issue such as calibration? Did anyone try this?

No, the radios are locked to 2.4-GHz-only and 5-GHz-only respectively.

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Can you provide more details about "lock"? From where or what level?

Hardware. Simple as that.

The antennas really look pretty much the same on these devices and you can mount them on any connector you want.

But wifi isn’t some magic, it is only a basic radio transceiver with built in oscillator circuit so you won’t be able to change any RF components.

But I would say the basic question is a misunderstanding on how to use wifi setup. How would a second transceiver boost performance? It is more likely the interference between two transceivers that close would pretty much kill the performance of both.
Or you are trying to get a MIMO AP without a MIMO chip?

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NO, just curious and play/hack.

you are correct that the CHIP could be setup for ether
yes you could change the software
but there is more to the radio then just the chip
and it's the other components that are different
the amplifiers , filters and antennas are all tuned
the PCB track length may need to change
but it you work real hard change lots of surface mount components
modify bits of the PCB change the antennas
you could do it
but it's just not worth it