Dual Band Client Mode, Gigabit Eth, Seeking Recommendation

Hi, I have 3 computers that I want to connect to a 5/2.4 wifi network, and get the best performance, id also like to do qos or bandwidth limitation, so 1 doesnt hog the available bw. It just for local network traffic, file transfers and rtsp streaming. Im in a Australia and looking for below $150aud , preferably <$100aud, new or used.

Want to bridge the 2.4 and 5 connections for increased performance, the off the shelf access points/ routers ive looked at with client mode, only support 2.4 or 5ghz when in client mode, not both, so looking like i will need openwrt.

Figured i need 1gbps eth ports to get the throughput from the wifi.

Attempting that brings more pain than gain, aside from 5 GHz being much faster than 2.4 GHz anyways (so all the trouble isn't worth it, just to add the miserable (in comparison) speeds 2.4 GHz would provide).

Thats nice to hear, Ive been wondering if im even going in the right direction....