DTS for new device with dual firmware?

Hi all,
I'm working on adding a MT7621-based device with 128MiB NAND that has 3 total firmware partitions: 1 recovery partition and 2 system partitions.
I've got a working initramfs image so far and things are progressing. However I'm new to DTS and unsure how to properly define the 2 main firmware partitions in the DTS. Are you supposed to designate one of the partitions as the OpenWRT one and just build for that location, marking the other as read-only? Or (and I'm not suggesting this as a first option), can I just merge the 2 regions into one large "uber" region for OpenWRT? As long as u-boot never gets set to try and boot what it thinks is the 2nd image, that should be OK.

But please let me know what the right approach is, and if I'm missing/forgetting something.


That is the wifi device?
Can you copy an existing DTS from a similar CPU?

I'm not a developer.

The current dual partition devices (mainly mvebu) have the boot logic in uboot. Uboot decides which partition is active based on variables in uboot env.

There is simply two partitions, or actually four, as kernel and rootfs are both needed for each.

OpenWrt simply finds out which partition is currently active and then flashes the other one and marks that active for the next boot.

But the main logic is in uboot.

Look at the mvebu devices for hints.

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