DTS file Help - ICPlus IP1001

I am trying to add support for a device and i cannot get ethernet to work.

Soc AR7161
2 Ethernet Ports
each is ICPlus IP1001

Can anyone help me with dts nodes to add ?

i am building on openwrt 22.03.5

The DTS node shouldn't differ from any other Ethernet PHY node, but you will need to make sure that support for ICPlus PHYs is part of the kernel. So the option CONFIG_ICPLUS_PHY needs to be added to the kernel configuration (e.g. in target/linux/ath79/config-5.15 if it's an ath79 target).

We cannot aid in creating a dts PHY node without having seen the rest of your DTS. And we need information of the MDIO address of the PHYs. If you don't know it, you can often find this information in the OEM bootlog when it detects the PHYs.


Thank you andyboeh,

I Added CONFIG_ICPLUS_PHY=y in target/linux/ath79/config-5.10

1st i thought it was it, untill i read carefully what you said and went back again and read carefully OEM boot log i realized i was using wrong phy reg..

thank you very much.

Actually i realized that while i am typing reply with all logs and codes

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