Dsl stats collectd graph

Hi all,

I have a bt hub 5a with lede loaded. My DSL line has been dropping out as of late and i wondered if anyone has been able to graph the dsl status info, such as SNR with collectd ?

Thanks in advance

The dropouts may or may not relate to SNR. You may start by adding

# /etc/config/network
    config interface 'wan'
        	option pppd_options 'debug'

and then investigating the System Log using Luci interface or logread in Linux mode.

Thanks. I see the dsl line bounce and SNR drop around 5db when I see this issue. SNR has been at 15db for over 8 hours now and my line has stayed up. Assuming pppd is a level above the line and so will likely just show a reconnect attempt, will give it a whirl though :).

Would be nice to graph the line health though if anyone has done this?