Dsl led doesn't turn on

I got a Modem router TP-LINK AC1900-VoIP-WLAN-
DSL-Router Archer VR900v1 from France. Unfortunetly the DSL LED doesn't turn on I'm living in Algeria.What ever i made, i didn't succeed to make it work.I need help.Thanks

You aren't clear on the actual issue, as the LED is (largely) independent of the underlying functionality - the VDSL modem 'could' work with the LED unlit, likewise it's generally easy to make the LED light up without any regard to the modem functionality, that said…

Suggests that you have an all-Broadcom design, BCM4709A0/ BCM63168 SOC/ modem, 2* BCM4360 wireless, which implies that even though you could get the SOC working, xDSL, phone and WLAN features are unsupported and (most likely) never will be.

I don't see any indications of OpenWrt support for this device either:

So what are you actually referring to, as I don't see how you'd be able to run OpenWrt on this device (and even if you could, you'd never get xDSL, phone or wireless features working anyways)?

For running the TP-Link OEM firmware, please contact TP-Link's support channels, we can't help you with that.


Hi,to be clear i Want to know once of all if this router works in Algeria or not with the Algérie Télécom as ISP.
There is a choice between a long list of ISP and other.Even in choosing other it''s impossible to configurate the router.The router doesn't recognise the signal coming from the ISP when the phone Line is plugged in.About the VDSL,it's not in service till now.Best regards.

The issue here is that your device is not supported by OpenWrt at all. It doesn't matter what ISP you use, you cannot use OpenWrt on this unit, as @slh already described.

You should contact your ISP to find out if this device is compatible with their service, and you should expect to use the stock firmware (from TP-Link) or possibly firmware provided why your ISP. If you need support, you should be asking your ISP and/or TP-Link for help -- we cannot help you here since you are not using (and cannot use) OpenWrt.

Thanks for your concern.

Usually when you subscribe to DSL, the company will provide a suitable modem. The wifi and routing features of that modem are usually not very good, but it will meet the necessary standards to link to the DSL line.

In that case I would not expect the DSL light to come on, until they turn on the DSL carrier signal from their end.

As others said, this question has nothing to do with OpenWrt.