DSA target list - cumulative

Not really a specific question about a device... but I've talked to several people who are interested in what I've done with DSA and they have brought up an interesting question. I've spent a good bit of time this evening looking and can't find what I'm looking for... not saying it doesn't exist. Since the first release of v21 there was a list of targets that have been converted to DSA and a list of recently converted targets with the step releases and v23 and and each of it's step releases.

Is there a cumulative list of all targets already moved to DSA somewhere? If so, could someone point me to it.

if not, could that be an information column added to the hardware spec matrix at:


It's a bit more nuanced than that (even without resorting to the fourth dimension, time).

DSA driver available/ in use doesn't strictly depends on the "target" (in OpenWrt lingo), but more about the switch hardware found on the individual devices of the given target. Some of these targets are more uniform in this regard (switch being SOC-internal or sold a cheap combination of chips), others are less uniform (e.g. ath79, with its long-standing history of vendors picking various QCA- and non-QCA switch chipsets for their devices). Then we have multiple targets, typically the SBC-like ones, which typically don't put any kind of switch on the board, but rather opt for 2+ plain ethernet cards (x86, rockchip, RPi, sunxi, etc.).

The following covers current master, details differ for 21.02/ 22.03; targets and sub-targets are used interchangeably.


  • bcm4908
  • bcm53xx
  • imx
  • ipq40xx
  • kirkwood
  • lantiq/xrx200
  • mt7621
  • mt7622(*)
  • mt7623
  • mt7629(*)
  • mvebu
  • octeon
  • qoriq
  • realtek


  • ath79(*)
  • bcm47xx
  • bcm63xx
  • lantiq/ase
  • lantiq/xway
  • lantiq/xway_legacy
  • mpc85xx
  • mt7620
  • mt76x8
  • rt288x
  • rt305x
  • rt3883

native ethernet cards:

  • bcm27xx
  • rockchip
  • sunxi(*)
  • x86

something different:

  • ipq807x (ipq60xx, ipq50xx)

pending (working) DSA support available:

  • ipq806x
  • parts of ath79 (ar8327/ ar8337)

this list is incomplete and may miss the finer details for some devices, do not treat this list as comprehensive or the ultimate truth.

[*] individual devices diverge from target defaults


Thank you!

Very helpful. One of the interested parties is a kid with the ipq806x target (netgear). I'm sure he'll be glad it's "on deck".

Is this a list you put together and/or is it available somewhere?


it will need rebasing to the current code, but it works.

There is no such list (and don't take the above as one, as mentioned, it's more nuanced than just judging on a (sub-)target level). The above was just quickly cobbled together from prior knowledge/ familiarity with some of the targets and some quick source checks for the less- or unfamiliar ones.

Thanks for the update on it's origin. Looks like Christian is working on the ipq906x integration. Cool.