DSA: is ifname in wireless config still valid?

In the uci wireless config, ifname "Specifies a custom name for the Wi-Fi interface, which is otherwise automatically named. Maximum length: 15 characters"

Is this still valid for DSA supporting routers?
I don't have one to test...

It is still valid and working.

From the 21.02.0 release announcement -

New network configuration syntax and board.json change

There have been several changes to the network configuration syntax in /etc/config/network:

  • in config interface, option ifname has been renamed to device (since it refers to a device section)

  • in config device of type bridge, ifname has been renamed to ports

  • for new installs, the generated configuration now creates separate sections for layer 2 (config device) and layer 3 (config interface) configuration

  • The old syntax is still supported to facilitate transition, and there is no automated migration when upgrading.

However, the LuCI web interface detects old-style configuration and will propose to migrate it to the new syntax. This is necessary to be able to edit network configuration through LuCI.

This is a most helpful addition (the L2/3) that would also help in the GUI. Then again probably only for a small part of the user-base.

The question is about /etc/config/wireless and the possibility to rename the automatically created interface name (eg wlan0) to something else, like mywlaniface.

Yes it is and in fact completely unrelated to DSA.

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That makes a lot of sense, but the various DSA docs/tutorials/wikis etc should reflect this. I will see if I can edit them.....

I have added a note the 2 wikkis:


Edit: Also updated https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/basic

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