DSA and VLAN on TOTOLINK X5000R not working as expected


I am trying to migrate from a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 v1 running OpenWrt 22.03.4 to a new TOTOLINK X5000R with OpenWrt 22.03.5. That Totolink is using DSA and this is my first time DSA VLAN Setup.
The TP-Link has a static IP on the br-lan and DHCP on the Guestlan. I would like to switch to DHCP for both. Currently I am testing parallel to the old TP-Link on a similar configured Switch port.


Uplink comes via managed switch from Mikrotik Router with VLAN1 untagged and VLAN20 tagged and should go to WAN interface.

As soon as I add in System / Interfaces / Devices for br-lan a VLAN 1

the connection (tested via ping) to the device gets lost.

br-guest as this VLAN assignment:




It is possible, start gradually, one VLAN at a time - and forget about the swconfig config, it won't help you and make the whole lot more confusing. Only look into the new DSA based documentation and start from there.

You should do the following:

  • for now have only one "lan" interface in Network -> Interfaces
  • add all ports (lan1, lan2, lan3, lan4 and wan) in that same bridge
  • make sure "Enable VLAN filtering" is checked
  • in "Bridge VLAN filtering": add VLAN ID 1 and VLAN ID 20
  • configure the ports:
    • local: check both VLAN 1 and VLAN 20
    • lan1: VLAN 20 Untagged PVID
    • lan2,3,4: VLAN 1 Untagged PVID
    • wan: VLAN 1 Untagged PVID, VLAN 20 Tagged
  • check "Enable VLAN Filtering"
  • save this but don't yet apply changes yet
  • go to "Interfaces" and in "lan" interface select "br-lan.1" as the device
  • save and apply

This will set up everything you want, unless you need to have an IP address on the guest network, in which case, you can create another interface where you select "br-lan.20" as the device.

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the problem is that without bridge vlan flitering, br-lan is simple, plain, br-lan

... but if you turn on dsa/bridge vlan filtering, it is normal that every bridge need his own tag
so br-lan need to be replaced with br-lan.1 (dot 1) before you apply new config


Hi Fillip.

that was the missing magic. Now the X5000R gets productive. DHCP for LAN and GuestLAN is working and configuring the AP was as easy as before.

Many thanks!


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