Dropping 5ghz wifi - netgear r7800

i am not able to find out the reason of 5ghz wifi dropout each time i power on my panasonic projector,

router and projector are plugged in the same 230V power socket. Each time i power on projector 5ghz got lost ... so i need to reboot router.

any idea here?


First guess:
Your 5 GHz is configured to use a DFS channel, and your projector emits radiation / strange wireless signal on that spectrum, so that the radio thinks that a weather radar exists and shuts down.

@hnyman ah i see, and is there anything i can do with that?

i can see its set to > Channel: 104 (5.520 GHz)

Try channel 149 which should be above the DFS channels

Try channel 36

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If it is about radar detection, you might have DFS-RADAR-DETECTED log items about that in the system log. (But that may depend on your WiFi logging level settings)

See example in my log extract in

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using that channel i have speed issue ie slower by 100mbit on clients: (

Channel 149 use very low power ...

Use Channel 36 to 64

even some devices cant see ap on that channel ... arg. 149...

even 44 is slow :frowning: i mean 150-200 mbit instead of ... 350

but at least seems when i power on/off projector it is still working.

Are you sure? The trend is reversed, lower power levels available for lower channels on my devices.

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Maximum power levels depend on your regulatory domain. For EU countries, channels 149 and above are limited to 25 mW.

my old tread

opption country 'FR'
option channel 'auto'
option channels '36 -64 100-144'

this parameters are not visible with luci , you must therefore manually edit the wireless file

I am not sure what you want to tell me here? I was just trying to answer @darksky's question.