Dropped & overrun packets on LAN

Yes... this is probably next.

How many ports on each of these switches? What devices (aside from the APs and cameras) are on each switch?

You should start to strategically disconnect things as part of your troubleshooting -- maybe start by disconnecting the downstream switch as a "bisect" opeation and see if the rest of the network immediately improves (as in within a few seconds to a minute, max). If not, you can probably plug the downstream switch back in and look at what else is plugged into the first switch or the router itself.

I made some comments in another thread about types of scenarios where a rogue device is to blame... for example, USB-C docking hubs with etherent, Sonos devices, even Peloton bikes can sometimes cause this type of situation... isolating the device may be tricky and may take some time, but it is probably what is causing the problem.

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