Dropbear major developer merged ed25519

Dropbear major developer merged ed25519


Great news!

Yeah, I hope this will be the default one soon in 19.07.X :slight_smile:

ed25519 and chacha20-poly1305 pr is here https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/2919
while ed25519 keys are 83-bytes long only, chacha20-poly1305 brings 2x boost to throughput comparing with aes-ctr/cbc


Great :+1:


I'm also looking for this, great work. Today, I have merged it to my local tree and build it. It worked pretty well. :smile:

thank you, make sure you merged latest version, previous had silly regression in dbclient resulting in no connection possible if server supports chacha20-poly1305 (not a security bug tho).

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