Dropbear client v0.52 not compatible with Dropbear v2019.77

I'm using on my Ubiquity NS2/Airgrid M2 OpenWRT Backfire 10.03.x Snapshot, r33081
On new version of TPLink V13 routers I must use OpenWRT-18.06.2-r9745
Now Dropbear client v0.52 failes from Backfire with error "no matching algo kex" to connect to server
on router with Dropbear v2019.77 server.
And I see no option to give key algo for client.
Is there realy no way??

Can I change config of dropbear server on new version to accept old algos?

Update the client. Those kex have been “prohibited” for years now.

(You should update that whole OS from nearly a decade ago too!)


Will try to compile new dropbeat version for this os...