Driving an SPI LCD in OpenWrt

Hello all.

I've scoured the internet for articles relating to title of this thread, but cannot find anything recent or suitable.

I wish to drive an SPI LCD (you know one of those cheap ones from ali) from Openwrt. I have had success driving the display from an RPi running RPi OS, but when I tried to install python modules in Openwrt, I ran into the problem that Openwrt doesn't have the necessary components to compile the needed Python modules. I am not great at sorting out these kinds of problems, so I am asking here for some help in getting this little project running again.

It may be a noobish thing to ask, but if someone can compile an Openwrt image for the Pi 4B, including Python 3 an all necessary modules for driving SPI and running the program, I would be very grateful as it would save me a lot of time figuring things out.

I have both ST7735 and ST7789 displays, resp. 128x128 and 240x240(IPS). I have made my own python drivers for them (sort of) by taking bits from other existing drivers and modified them to more suit my needs.

If anyone is interested in getting SPI displays to work in Openwrt, maybe we can work together on this.
I have the hardware to test the display.
My goal in this is to make an end user-friendly status display including a menu to change specific user-configurable settings (i.e. turn adblock on or off).

i find it odd no one wants a lcd display like the nighthawk on a raspberry pi running openwrt...