Drives mount in stable, but not in snapshots or stable snapshots

I've got one external HDD with a XFS filesystem. It's connected to my Linksys WRT1200AC, which serves as my NAS.

The drive (and another USB drive with a NTFS filesystem) mounts fine in 18.06.4. However, if I update to the 18.06.4-snapshot or the nightly snapshots, the drives can't be mounted in Luci, even though I install the same packages via opkg. These are kmod-usb-storage kmod-scsi-core kmod-usb-storage-uas kmod-fs-xfs kmod-fs-ext4 ntfs-3g block-mount usbutils e2fsprogs samba36-server luci-app-samba.

Are there additional required packages in the newer builds?

where exactly in luci... what can you see? did you check the log?

what is a 18.06.4-snapshot?

System-> Mount Points. If the drive is detected under Mount Points and I click Edit, enable this mount, and mount point, /dev/sda1 isn't listed.


They're stable builds with minor bug fixes.

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That's not a mount point, that's a device entry. If that is missing it's an indication that the drive is not recognized, or recognized differently, even before mounting can happen. I think you should start by looking at the logfile, but also get at least a little familiar with the shell. It will be hard to debug anything from LuCI, you cannot do anything from there beyond looking at the logfile.

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no kmod ehci / uhci / ohci ?

Yeah, what I meant is that the device isn't listed as being available in the mount menu.

Are they necessary? Would they be necessary in recent builds but not 18.06.4?

I'm currently on a snapshot from just a couple of nights ago and see similar behavior, in 18.06.4 my ntfs drive will automatically show up in System>Mount Points, on the snapshot I'm currently on it doesn't show up, but it does look like I'm able to add it because it's listed under devices -


And usb2 and 3 are both in the kernel at this point, so there shouldn't be a need to install.

I think that's the difference - for me, the XFS USB drive (or any drive, even with NTFS) isn't in that drop-down box of devices.