Drivers for USB Wifi Adapter Archer T600U Plus, rtl8812au

I am new to the networking world, I was following networkchuck's video on how to do a home router with a raspberrypi ( Unfortunately, I don't have the same wifi adapter as him so I'm stuck trying to download the drivers.

I have openwrt as os on my raspberrypi and I have successfully completed all the steps until the wifi adapter drivers.

In order to install them I've tried the steps from this video : but I haven't managed to install dkms on openwrt.

I've also stumbled upon this makefile: I download it on my raspberrypi, I rename it "makefile", I install make and I run "make" but then it says there are many files missing.

Any help would be much appreciated,
Have a nice day!

Drop the RTL adapter, and get something that just works

Alright, I'll buy another one. Thank you!

here's a table with Linux kernel version required for support, openwrt is on 5.15, if the required version is higher, the device won't work, unless you build your own images with the kernel required.

even if there are RTL AC chips in there, flagged as working (but requiring kernel 6.2+),
I'd still stay away, and go for MT.