Driver for USB wi-fi dongle


Recently, I installed OpenWRT on Raspberry Pi 3B Plus. I plugged TP-link Archer T2U Plus into the device. The problem is that lsusb command lists my external USB dongle device, however, ifconfig displays my pi's built-in wi-fi as wlan0. As far as I know, I expect to see wlan1. I installed all drivers such as rtl8XXX with command opkg install kmod-rtl8814au. Many other similar drivers were installed via GUI, but no success. Can you help me how to overcome this problem? Where am I wrong? Any help would be great.

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Alright. I see clearly what is around. It means "currently no solution at all", doesn't it?

Hi slh,

Considering no soluting for my wi-fi adapter driver, where can I find a compatible list?

While there are several USB chipsets/ drivers with a decent level of support, I don't know any I'd declare fit for 24/7 operations, let alone AP mode. AP mode requires a number if additional features that aren't required for managed/ STA operations (the primary focus of these devices), accordingly vendors don't test their firmware for these - with the expectable results.

Not important to operate 7/24 for me considering I am an ordinary user.